HVAC Maintenance

Customized Maintenance Programs

Our standard Mechanical & HVAC Maintenance Program


Periodic operational inspections of equipment per manufacturer’s requirements and maintenance schedule.

Seasonal startup and shutdown and/or operational checks as appropriate

Annual belt replacement for applicable equipment.

Replacement of filters during each scheduled inspection.

Technical inspection report on the condition of the equipment after each scheduled inspection.

Each agreement is tailored to each customer’s needs and can include a variety of other services.

As your partner, the AMS goal is to maximize your up time, eliminate unplanned interruptions, and maintain system efficiencies at optimum levels.

Maintenance Programs Designed & Performed by the Professionals at Anderson Air Conditioning L.P.

Reduce Energy Consumption Improve Comfort Conditions Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Extend Equipment Life Minimize Operating Problems Stabilize HVAC Expense Provide Reliability Improve Employee Productivity

Increased Value To Every Customer We Serve!