We service and repair all makes, brands, and models, from small window units to chillers. We can help you to repair heating, ventilation, cooling, and humidification components...



We can look at your requirements for a building, a room, or whatever type of structure you require and help you to design and implement the systems necessary to create...



Maintenance programs range from Test & Inspect for building owners who would like a professional check on their in-house staff to a comprehensive Full Coverage program...


Since 1969, Anderson Air Conditioning L.P has been helping Southern California businesses build, maintain, and service their HVAC equipment and systems.

Over the years, we have grown into a full service commercial HVAC contractor. We have always provided service for small and large businesses. Today, along with our parent company, AMS America INC. G.P., we are part of a national organization focused on serving commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners and managers through strategic partnerships.

Our partnering approach to the marketplace assures that we serve customers by assisting them with the long-term management of the HVAC & Refrigeration systems in their facilities.

AMS understands the critical nature of your HVAC systems from office buildings to industrial manufacturing plants. When precise and uninterrupted heating, cooling, dehumidification, and air flows are an integral part of your process, you can count on our services to keep your system performing.


Another benefit of our continued growth an company philosophy is that we have retained great employees for many years.
Ask our employees. It’s not uncommon to find a 25+ year employee at Anderson Air. This not only reflects our policy of treating people right, but it also insures that you will get proper treatment when you call or deal with us in any way. Your questions will be answered by people with the experience to know how to handle them.


Our core philosophy is to be completely honest and practical in our approach to our customers. Our focus on long term relationships has paid off in continued growth and prosperity for us and for our customers


Anderson Air Conditioning L.P. has a focus of bringing increased value to every customer we serve.

Anderson Air Conditioning L.P. – AMS America INC. G.P. may be a new name to you. But it’s simply a new name for a company that has been a leader in Southern California since 1969. We understand the critical importance of a strong, lasting relationship. By understanding your system and requirements, by knowing how it relates to your primary business, we can and will contribute to the success of your operation.

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Increased Value To Every Customer We Serve!