Energy Solutions

Building Performance Solutions

Our performance solutions seek to improve the energy performance of existing buildings by taking an all-inclusive approach to improving their energy efficiency, comfort and productivity.

Your buildings integrated systems are designed to facilitate the interconnection of a variety of systems so they can communicate with each other, working cooperatively to respond to data from different sensors and controls to create maximum comfort and efficiency throughout all of the building’s environments.

Through taking a comprehensive approach to the interactions of the building systems as a whole, we are able to facilitate reduced energy consumption, lower related energy costs, improved equipment performance and extended life cycle.

Common building performance services include maintenance services, retro-commissioning, in depth building evaluations, equipment upgrades and retrofits.

We have made it a priority to provide the most current solutions, proven technologies to our clients and apply available incentives and programs through the local utilities to these measures. Here are handful of some of these solutions and programs that are currently available.

1. Transformative Wave – Catalyst with eIQ, is also a rooftop retrofit solution that provides a control system and energy dashboard. Saves on average between 30-50% on HVAC energy Incentives available with local utilities.

2. Bes-Tech – Digi-RTU, is a rooftop retrofit solution that can save HVAC energy between 30-50% on average measured and verified savings. Incentives available with local utilities.

3. Ice Energy – Ice Energy is an energy load shifting solution that can dramatically reduce demand charges and show significant energy savings and is funded by SCE utility in specific of. Learn More

4. Evaporcool – Evaporcool is a pre-cooling technology for air cooled equipment on your larger rooftop, chiller, and other air-cooled HVACR equipment. With savings up to 30% and completely paid for thru the program contract with SCE, see linked video below. It also improves operational and performance efficiency of equipment as well. Learn More

5. Pelican Wireless Systems – Learn More

6. Carrier Controls – We are Carrier controls experts. Click here to learn more

We Will Contribute to the Success of Your Operation.

Building Automation Solutions

As part of our services we offer upfront analysis and site assessment to determine viability. We would work with your onsite team, current vendors, and your team corporately to collect all needed data and details to develop solution based proposals.

With over 49 years of leadership in the industry our building automation team is the perfect fit for your needs, they can offer systems that range from simple HVAC monitoring and control to complete building automation solutions.

Building Automation Cuts Operating Expenses Through:

  • Analysis of Systems and their Energy Use
  • Innovative Lighting Control Systems, Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) integration
  • Zoning Systems

Anderson Air Conditioning L.P. works with clients to design a system focusing on their specific needs to increase satisfaction and reduce operating expenses. Our automation systems are more flexible and responsive than traditional systems: they adapt to changing space uses and can be easily upgraded to drive leasing activity.

Our building automation services provide our clients the means to better satisfy the demands of their tenants and customers while at the same time cutting energy and manpower costs. For our clients, our solution means systems intercommunicate more efficiently, have better energy management, lower operating costs, increased productivity and fewer headaches for you.

Ultimately, what all of this control and monitoring means to you? Simplicity! It can be done easily on-site or on the Internet. It’s that easy.

Increased Value To Every Customer We Serve!