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Maintenance Programs

Loose or fallen filters allow dirt, dust, and particles to build up within your system, causing premature breakdowns and indoor polution. See more examples here.

Maintenance programs range from Test & Inspect for building owners who would like a professional check on their in-house staff to a comprehensive Full Coverage program where Anderson Air Conditioning/AMS provides repair labor and replacement parts. Programs can be customized to reflect the degree of investment the client would like to assume and can be adjusted to the particular needs of the environment.

Our maintenance programs and services are designed to provide the best total value. The value becomes especially clear when measured against the costs of increased energy consumption, operational problems, unexpected repairs, lower employee productivity and, ultimately, the potential disaster of a complete shutdown.

As your partner, the Anderson Air Conclitioning/AMS goal is to maximize your up time, eliminate unplanned interruptions, and maintain system efficiencies at optimum levels.

Maintenance programs designed and performed by the professionals at Anderson Air Conditioning

  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Improve Comfort Conditions
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Minimize Operating Problems
  • Stabilize HVAC Expense
  • Provide Reliability
  • Improve Employee Productivity

Example HVAC Maintenance Programs

Have you looked at your HVAC systems lately? Let us do an air conditioning system inspection for you and give you a quote for a reasonable and predictable maintenance agreement. Our Maintenance Agreements generally fall into three categories. Customers with maintenance agreements also receive favorable labor rates on any work not covered under the agreement.

Basic Maintenance Agreement

The simplest and least expensive program, a Basic Maintenance Agreement is very flexible. We will visit your facility, anywhere from two to 12 times per year and replace your filters and perform basic system checks. The number of times we visit depends on how often and under what conditions you run your HVAC. We can tailor the service visits and pricing to your needs.

Pro-Active Service Agreement

In a Pro-Active Service Plan, we will not only replace the filters, but we will look deeper into your equipment and spend more time checking all the components in the unit on a regular basis to help ensure that you are aware of any required maintenance. We will check the contactors, refrigerant charge, fan motors belts, and more. We will look and check all systems.

If a contactor gets pitted or worn, we’ll let you know ahead of time so that you can prevent outages. If you like, we’ll clean the condenser coils at least once per year and replace the belts at least once per year. We’ll write up any problems detected and give you pricing on preventative maintenance work that should be done. We’ll help you to know what needs to be done before your systems shut down.

Remember, a Pro-Active Service Agreement can be created to fit your specific needs. If your HVAC needs are critical, this gives you a more sure way to prevent a breakdown or service outage. It also lengthens the life of your system by keeping things clean and up to date.
Full Service or Guaranteed Maintenance Agreement

For a fixed monthly fee, a Guaranteed Full Service Maintenance Agreement covers all of your HVAC related service calls and most repairs. This plan can also be customized in terms of pricing and service depending on your budget. We can raise or lower the limits on how many compressors that we will replace within a year to fit your needs and budget. This program gives you the peace of mind in knowing what your HVAC costs will be ahead of time.